Our Vision & Mission


For God’s glory, we long to plant new Gospel Communities in Monroe / West Monroe that function as River-channels of Christ’s reconciliation and renewal that connect: people to God; people(s) to one another; and people to our Twin Cities.

  • of people to God — We accomplish this through Gospel Discovery
  • of people(s) to one another — We accomplish this through One-Anothering Community
  • of people(s) to our community — We accomplish this through Living Life on Mission


We seek, by God’s grace, to engage our neighbors and friends with the living waters of Jesus Christ through…

Gospel-Discovery: Because people don't believe what they don't first discover for themselves, we want to create the relational & liturgical space where people taste and see for themselves the beauty and goodness of God in Christ Jesus.  We will do this through: 
  •  Scripture & Biblical truth exposited and demonstrated on an experiential, heart level in our lives and stories.  
  • Christ-exalting worship that is according to Scripture alone, and in Spirit-enabled joy and awe. Our form of worship will be rooted in historic patterns and practices while being a fresh and accessible expression for newcomers.

One-Anothering Community: Together we will strive for dignity-affirming, grace-and-truth-embodying relationships.  We will do this through:
  • Meeting in small groups in homes.  
  • Learning to pray for one-another and our community. 
  • One-on-one encouragement.  

Living Life on Mission as we seek to welcome our neighbors to the Gospel of King Jesus, and to engage all spheres of life for the glory of God and the good of our neighbors in Monroe & West Monroe.  We will do this through:
  • The learning process of discovering our unique gifting and calling in Gospel witness & personal evangelizing.
  • Integrating a Kingdom of God worldview with our marriage & family, our vocations & work, and our play. 
  • Adopting a "parish" mindset, discovering where God delights to call us in our community to serve in tangible deed as well as word.