Our Values

Message of Grace

We are delighted in Christ’s presence & perfection, not drained by our performance or preference; we are motivated by His Grace, not manipulated by guilt.

Mission of Grace

Our eyes and efforts turn outward, not inward – to serve, love, and welcome our neighbors, co-workers, and friends with the living hope of Jesus in both word and deed. In our ministry we are Kingdom-focused, not church-focused.  

Means of Grace

  • Scripture: We are bible/theology-driven (not method-driven or trend-driven), yet we are compassion-shaped (not tribe-shaped).  
  • Worship: Our form is God-centered, not consumer-centered; neither "contemporary" nor "traditional" but according to Scripture alone; and in Spirit-wrought joy & awe; rediscovering historic roots yet celebrating fresh fruits.   
  • Prayer: We are radically dependent on prayer, not presumptuous on our practice.

Modeling of Grace

We seek to live in a grace-filled community as givers, not takers; servers, not consumers – in compassion, honesty, and faithful love.

Multi-tude / Manifold of Grace

We seek to know & glorify Jesus through multi-ethnic, multi-class, and multi-generational unity in the community found in Christ alone, who himself is our peace.

Multiplication of Grace

We are committed to “planting pregnant,” to see 2 to 3 churches multiplied over the next ten years.